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Thread: What's a normal working week?

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    Default What's a normal working week?

    Not really sure where to post this so if there's a thread that's more appropriate, let me know and I'll get it sorted.

    Basically I'm on my first feature and I'm currently doing 12-16 (sometimes 1 hour days with maybe one sometimes no days off.

    I'm aware this isnt healthy but what's the 'norm' on a feature?

    Oh and the producers also want a first cut in 14 days... It's a multi-cam shoot and they wouldn't spring for any assistants so that's crazy right?!

    Any advice, pearls of wisdom or anecdotes are welcome.

    A sleepy editor

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    Welcome to the industry I guess
    Though I don't have any first hand experience it does sound absurd. Then again I'm talking from the perspective of someone who's attention span generally hits rock bottom after four hours of anything.
    One thing I do know is that generally people don't perform better/faster when they work more than say 8 hours a day. There's plenty of research to back that statement up on the web so perhaps you can use those 4 extra hours on a 12 hour shift to find some good arguments to plead for sanity with the producer?
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