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Thread: Need help with a wedding video

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    Default Need help with a wedding video

    I have corel videostudio x9.
    And I'm trying edit my wedding video.
    At the moment I'm trying to fade the sound down from the video and fade it up at certain points . And I'm stuck . I don't know how to do it .
    Any help would be great ?. I'm a complete beginner to video editing but I'm a fast learner. Just need to someone to point me in the right direction .
    I know what I want to do with the video .it's just trying to figure it all out .


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    I don't have a clue about Corel Video Studio x9, but the manual is here: and the bit you want is page 187.

    Did you not consider consulting the manual? Seriously this took me 30 seconds to find.

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    Yep looked at the manual. Doesn't really go into how to do it.

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    A simple way to do this would be to split the video at all the places where you want the sound level to change

    next, adjust the individual clips to the volume you want

    finally, put an audio transition between the clips - it may be called "cross fade" or some such in your tool

    thats not the best way, but probably the easiest to explain

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post

    Did you not consider consulting the manual?.


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