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Thread: Any recommendations for a budget Mini DV cam for low-light

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    Default Any recommendations for a budget Mini DV cam for low-light

    Well, after my fun experiences with the movie facility on my Canon Ixus 50 (and after the help given by you lovely people on here!), I'm seriously considering splashing out on a proper camcorder. Having spent *hours* on the internet, bought all the magazines, I'm still a bit bozzled by all the choice and specs.

    Just wondered if any of you experts out there had any recommendations. These are (I think) the sorts of specs I'm looking for....

    1 Reasonable low-light perfomance, since I've already been asked to do some filming in nightclubs

    2 DV-in (probably) since backing up projects back to DV tape seems like a good idea

    3 Zoom - not too fussed about an extreme zoom, so anything more than 15x

    4 Budget - up to about 300, but maybe 350 or 400 for something exceptional

    5 Good sound quality with little pick-up of cam noise. A mic jack and hotshoe would be *very* nice.

    6 Good battery life - or, at the very least, cheapish spare batteries.

    7 Don't need any in-camera effects or digital zoom.

    8 Wide angle lens (or an affordable wide-angle attachment) would be a nice bonus, especially for interiors.

    Hope that helps. When I was buying my Ixus, I found lots of sites with full specs, reviews, the ability to compare cams side-by-side; but video seems to be in its infancy, and sites like that are few and far between, at least at the mo.

    Any pointers or suggestions would be hugely welcome!

    thanks guys!


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    Default JVC GR-D270US

    How bout this one? just a suggestion
    Capture every moment !!

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    iknow ive just sugested the same cam but...i rekon that the JVC GR-D 33 is your best bet-comes with a 1hr battrey-buy 3hr for 21.have low light level stuff-not shure about the wide angle...oh yeh 16Xoptical 700Xdigital zoom

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    Cheers guys - now I've got to get my hands on 'em to have a feel of 'em (if you'll pardon the expression!)



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