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Thread: What beam angles as LED lighting kit (3x)

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    Default What beam angles as LED lighting kit (3x)

    Hi everyone,

    Instead of building my own LED set I think I'm going for the Aputure Amaran 672 series, a kit of 3 LED panels.
    Can someone advise on what beam angles are the most allround?

    The 672W has a beam angle of 75 Deg
    The 672S has a beam angle of 25 Deg.

    Currently not using any kind of light, but sometimes I really need some decent light. Can someone recommend a combination of these LEDS?

    I'm doing corporate videos, real estate, interview style videos and weddings.

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    It really depends on what you need them to do at the time of shooting. I'd go for the wider beam angle which will help to illuminate a bigger area. You can always flag them is you want a more directed light.

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