Hi Guys, I have a budget of about 750 for a PC, it ideally should be a good all-rounder, but up to the job of video editing. I'm editing from an action camera, and it's unlikely I'll be ever editing video from anything more technical than a go-pro. The question is (bearing in mind my budget) will the following spec do a 'reasonable' job of editing video ?

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 700 (all-in-one PC)
Intel i5 - 6400 (Quad Core) 2.7Ghz (3.3Ghz Turbo)
8Gb Ram (DDR4)
Nvidia Geforce GT930 (2Gb GDDR3)
2Tb HDD (7200rpm)
23.8" Monitor (touch-screen)

reviews of the machine seem to suggest that the monitor is the weakest point, performance is supposedly good
My only requirement is that it will do the job, and it be more or less the best I can get for the money

I don't really want a laptop, I'm much more comfortable working on this larger screen
I know that all-in-one's aren't going to be a upgradable or as repairable... it's also semi-portalbe

any comments much appreciated

many Thanks