I have lots of [simple] projects using [Sony] Vegas Pro. I'm using version 13 right now, I will upgrade to 14 soon.

My computer right now is i5 3470 with Intel HD 2500, 8 Gb RAM DDR3, 1 SSD for Windows 7, 1 Tb HDD for files and projects, MSI GT 630.

The projects are rendered at 1080p mostly, using Sony AVC. 90% I will not need 4K in the future.

Project length ranges from 5 to 50 minutes. Source material is MP4 videos, images, lower third graphics, titles, very few FX.

Render time example, using a 5 minute project:

- Intel QuickSync speed = 04m:25s

- CPU = 07m:20s

- nVidia GPU = 12m:05s

I want to upgrade my computer to this: i7 6700K with Intel 530, 16 Gb RAM DDR4, AMD R9 390.
Then I did some research and found that R9 290x is a bit cheaper and almost exact same performance
Then Radeon HD 6970 is cheaper even more and better performance - I think.
Then, based on this article - http://www.hyperactivemusic.com/vegaspro/vegaspro.html - I'm thinking of a GTX 580.

It's even cheaper and almost the best performance - if I read the table corectly: Render Mainconcept = 36 seconds.

Again, I'm only interested in fastest rendering, I don't care about quality and editing/timeline preview.

Also, unfortunately, another problem arose: I need a better PSU, right now I have 450/500 W (can't remember exactly).

So, would anyone recommend the GTX 580, with current i5 3470 and new PSU ?