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Thread: Faster rendering for Sony Vegas 13

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    Default Faster rendering for Sony Vegas 13

    I have lots of [simple] projects using [Sony] Vegas Pro. I'm using version 13 right now, I will upgrade to 14 soon.

    My computer right now is i5 3470 with Intel HD 2500, 8 Gb RAM DDR3, 1 SSD for Windows 7, 1 Tb HDD for files and projects, MSI GT 630.

    The projects are rendered at 1080p mostly, using Sony AVC. 90% I will not need 4K in the future.

    Project length ranges from 5 to 50 minutes. Source material is MP4 videos, images, lower third graphics, titles, very few FX.

    Render time example, using a 5 minute project:

    - Intel QuickSync speed = 04m:25s

    - CPU = 07m:20s

    - nVidia GPU = 12m:05s

    I want to upgrade my computer to this: i7 6700K with Intel 530, 16 Gb RAM DDR4, AMD R9 390.
    Then I did some research and found that R9 290x is a bit cheaper and almost exact same performance
    Then Radeon HD 6970 is cheaper even more and better performance - I think.
    Then, based on this article - - I'm thinking of a GTX 580.

    It's even cheaper and almost the best performance - if I read the table corectly: Render Mainconcept = 36 seconds.

    Again, I'm only interested in fastest rendering, I don't care about quality and editing/timeline preview.

    Also, unfortunately, another problem arose: I need a better PSU, right now I have 450/500 W (can't remember exactly).

    So, would anyone recommend the GTX 580, with current i5 3470 and new PSU ?

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    Vegas (I have used v11-v13) has a poor history of using graphics cards as co-processors for rendering.

    I have a 6-core i7-970 and 24GB RAM (win7-64) and find rendering speeds similar to yours.

    I think it is just the way it is...

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    What video card do you have ? Have you tried GPU rendering ?

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    GTX750 Kalm 2GB. The fastest fanless video card I know of.

    There is a massive amount of stuff on the web about this. There are more video editing forums than there are pedigree cat breeding forums

    Vegas Pro 13 crashes comprehensively unless one disables GPU everywhere in the program, and in all the plug-ins. GPU assisted rendering used to work with some (now old) AMD cards.

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    I never had crashed when rendering/editing with i5 3470 / Intel HD 2500 or nVidia GT 630.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterh337 View Post
    GTX750 Kalm 2GB. The fastest fanless video card I know of.

    There is a massive amount of stuff on the web about this.
    There is but it boils down to something simple with Vegas. Vegas does NOT work with GPU acceleration with nVidia cards later than the 5xx series (ie after the Fermi version of CUDA)

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    Yes, I know it doesn't work OK with newer nVidia cards.
    That's why I was looking at the older GTX 580, but I'm still doing some research.

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    However, it seems that the speed gain is not that much, compared to a top end 6-core i7 processor and GPU disabled everywhere. And you get a much faster PC generally. I run win7-64 and am really pleased with it. It runs 12 concurrent threads. Running "anything video" e.g. Vegas, VLC, Handbrake, all 12 are maxed out, but the PC can still be used normally.

    By "everywhere" I mean everywhere: in Vegas 13 under global preferences, under rendering, and in every plug-in (I use some lens correction plug-in which I don't recall the name of, and Vegasaur for SRT import and their stuff is buggy in this area and eventually they sent me a .reg file to import to disable the GPU properly).

    Vegas 11 and 12 just worked with the default config.

    The only case I have heard of where somebody got a good speed gain (say 5x) was with Final Cut Pro on a Mac but there Apple have tight control over the video hardware and the programmer was able to do it right, because he didn't have to testhis code on a big range of video hardware. Reportedly FCP gets roughly real-time rendering - so long as you don't do anything more complex like lens correction.

    However, as a potentially useless and general comment, rendering times are not the issue they may appear because most videos are heavily edited (cut). It is normal to cut 95% out. In this respect, for me, one small change which Vegasaur did in their SRT import feature enabled me to avoid an intermediate render (to a 100GB file!) to embed subtitles which on a 5hr source video would take 3-4 days and was vulnerable (due to some Vegas or plug-in bugs) to getting corrupted part-way through if the PC was used for some other program which used direct-x (VLC, remote desktop, etc).

    I get the feeling that GPU assisted rendering used to be great 10 years ago.

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