Hi everyone,

I'm using VSDC version (I think I downloaded it a month ago)

The problem is that when I export my files to make the standalone video file, this file runs in a sluggish way, sometimes the sound does not come in sync, other times the image gets all broken (as if gigantic pixels appear for some moments) and I just dont know why this happens!

The original videos have been recorded on a Canon SX510 and when I watch the original footage the quality is great! (these videos I download to my pc are in MOV format and look great)

So I take these videos (in mov format) and get them into a project in VSDC and make a film. I know my laptop is not very powerful but its ok. While making the video and watching the preview in the VSDC I know it is normal (when your computer is not that great) to see some breaks and bumps in the image, and sometimes the sound can seem out of sync... all that is normal as I've learned with some youtubers... but the mystery for me is when I export the project, and make the standalone file for the movie(i tried all the formats, wmv, avi, mov) and I get a final film that is not running properly. Why would that happen? I open the files (the standalone made with VSDC) with windows movie player and VLC, and the results of the output may vary with time... sometimes it shows ok, others not so ok, and so on.... but how can you explain this? I mean, the mov files from the canon are played always in the same way with good quality, and I thought that a standalone file that was made with the VSDC would have the same behavior

I mean, a final file should not be dependent on the computer. The problem could be in making the standalone file, but then how could I explain the diferences that show from when I play it once and then again??? This is a mystery... and I'm getting really frustrated...

My pc is an ASUS intel core i3 CPU 2,3GHz installed mem 4GB RAM X64 based processor

Please help-.
Thanx in advance

Joao Melo