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Thread: My youtube uploads stutter...

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    Default My youtube uploads stutter...

    Hi guys and girls.

    So I'm not very technically minded and my knowledge of all things video, editing and computers is pretty simple, but I'm completely stuck here!

    The issue is that my final rendered/exported videos look fine, and play fine. However when I upload them to youtube, the videos 'stutter' for lack of a better word.
    Panning doesn't look so smooth at all.

    I will post a link here to a short video where I hope its easy for you to see what I mean.
    That video was not edited at all, its raw camera footage uploaded straight to youtube.

    Specs and stuff:

    My camera (a Panasonic HC-W850).
    All my footage is 1080p mp4 format at 50 frames per second. (The camera displays 1080 50m, but youtube says 50p) confusing....
    I usually use Serif movieplus x6 to edit however that program limits me to 20,000 with the bitrate when exporting (my cameras raw footage bitrate is around 45000.
    So I've been using Adobe Premiere Elements trial version and have better looking exports with that as I can export at the exact same bitrate as my raw footage.

    I generally keep my export settings as close as possible to the raw footage. So I keep the frame rate at 50, I set the bit rate to variable 2 pass (because I was told this is better). I'll set target bit rate to whatever the raw footage is and the max bit rate to a bit higher.

    The final export looks and plays great. Its smooth with no stutter or jerky looking movement.
    The problem only begins when I upload to youtube!

    So guys please help! Is it that I'm doing something wrong and uploading in the wrong format?

    I have tried uploading the same video 3 times. Once the raw footage, Once the Serif movieplus export and Once the Adobe Premiere Elements export, and ALL uploads suffer the same stuttering playback.

    So finally, here is the link to the video I have uploaded in the hope you guys can see what I'm on about and help me find a fix!
    This footage was my raw camera footage, uploaded to youtube on my laptop and youtube displays it as 1080 50p or 720 50p.
    It doesn't look as bad on my iPhone, but I guess that's because its a smaller screen!

    On my Hp Pavilion laptop which has a 1080p screen, it looks quite noticeable.

    Thanks all.


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    I've also just uploaded the exact same video but having put it in Adobe elements and exported it to see if theres a difference, The raw file looks ever so slightly smoother but is that just me?

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    If you watch it on YouTube with the quality at 720p50 or 1080p50 there is no stutter. At lower settings there will be a stutter though. That is because YouTube drops the frame rate to 25p. That is because some people internet bandwidth cant handle high quality and some older devices also have a hard time playing high frame rate video.

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    I get some stuttering with both the 1080 and 720 version here. It downloads as a '24fps' frame rate - rather than 50fps - clip for some reason? .. I downloadeded and converted it to 50fps file, and put it through a 'de-shaker' filter - (no border cropping though) - before re-encoding as a single pass h.264 file, with a fixed CRF factor of 18.
    Uploading that file to You tube seems to play a bit better? - although I am of course not using your original file - only the downloaded version already re-encoded once by You tube.....

    You can find that clip here:

    So as you can see, although it's only a little better, I think you should be able to expect some improvements,using your original file.

    Try encoding as a single pass h.264 file, with a frame rate of 50fps. Try a CRF value around 18.... That should give you a bit rate around 5000/6000kbps....
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    Thanks Rogs appreciate the help!

    I'm a newb, but whats a CRF?

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    'CRF' is Constant Rate Factor...You can read more about it here it you're interested:

    You mentioned earlier about using a 2 pass output setting. Where there is no requirement to meet a specific file size (there isn't for in You Tube uploads for example) you can usually get better quality results from a single pass using a low(ish) value CRF like the figure of 18 I mentioned.

    I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge of the specific settings available in Premiere Elements, but if there are options you might like to try and look for the single path high quality options.

    Creating files that display really smoothly in You Tube can be a sophisticated process..... Take look at this one for example:

    Only 25fps but 'silky smooth'. I have no idea how they actually got it to look that good..... A combination of good lighting, a camera with a big sensor and good lens, carefully crafted shutter speed control, motion blur and professional encoding I suspect...

    I only use free software for my editing and conversions, but AviSynth and Virtualdub are not very 'user friendly', so if you can try out different output options from within Elements it might be worth experimenting....

    Like many things in life, if it's done well it looks easy (like that Panasonic video). In's not always that simple!
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