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Thread: My First Ever Travel Video in Hokkaido Japan

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    Default My First Ever Travel Video in Hokkaido Japan

    This is my first ever travel video. I am new to videography but I am very keen to learn and improve. Please rate on how I can improve! Thank you.

    So sorry, i tried to embed the video here but couldn't.
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    Hey Ryannsy,

    I love your editing style. The first few moments were slickly cut and it would be great to stick closely to this throughout the rest of the video. You really inspired me!
    Later on, I think there's a few sound glitches where the music cuts out and background sound cuts in harshly.

    You're throwing a lot of place names on the screen, and it would be great if you could put a map on the screen at the same time to visually show your journey. This is something I've done a few times, and I think it helps (both for the audience and me!)

    Overall, I like your style. Keep it up!

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    It was cut quite slickly enough in my opinion. Had the whole film been cut like the first few edits I think it would have been waaaaay too much as we'd (I'd) have been incapable of taking in so many images so quickly. Agree about the sound, though I wouldn't say glitches, just fade in and out for 2-3 times as long as you have. Map would be a definite plus.

    We got some contrast with the scenery in many of the places but the food ---- it looked the same (to my Western eyes. If there was a difference then we need to be guided as to what to look for otherwise it's just more shots of food which becomes boring after a few.

    I liked the "specifics" - in particular the sequence showing the purchase of a ticket and then the ride on the underground. That is both personal and lets the viewer contrast with the same everyday event in their own city.

    I liked that it was cut t the beat but rarely the same beat.

    What I would say is that as it stands it's probably a great "memory" video - ie a reminder for all those things that you experienced but it is rather lacking on the "informative" side for someone who's never been.
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    Generally I was impressed with the way you put it together. It's more of a Montague rather than a travel video. As Tim said it's "lacking on the informative side". It's good that you put in a narrative but it doesn't really help the "uninformed" about the places you visited.

    I'm sure it's great for you and your friends to look back on with some great memories of great places. AND lot's of nice food !

    Just one thing the white text got lost at 0:54 against the snow, just put some shading on it to solve that kind of thing.

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    Thank you guys for the feedback, will definitely try to improve on it!

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