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Thread: vsdc vid editor

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    Default vsdc vid editor

    just downloaded the free version

    thought I d cut a 3 min vid down to 70 seconds

    did this then all I could see was save project

    eventually I saw export project but then it said ... you ve used premier tools.... hardware accelerator...

    whatever that is ? .. to export the project you must upgrade.... ( codeword for pay...)

    is there any way around this ?

    or is this free version just for show ?

    thanks for any help or advice

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    Not that I know the program but hardware accelerator sounds like a setting that can be either switched on or of. Try looking in the settings, options, preferences or something alike to find if you can turn it off somewhere.

    There are probably also better alternatives to your program depending on your needs...
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    When you try to export the video, and it pops up that thing that says "you are trying to use premium features, hardware acceleration" (or something like that), there should be a button down below that that says "continue". Just click "continue", and it should render your video, slowly, without hardware acceleration.

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