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Thread: Former Prem user needs to get up to speed..

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    Default Former Prem user needs to get up to speed..


    I was a regular user of premiere 6 a few years ago and everything worked fine with my firewire link to sony digital 8 camera and encoding timeline to mpeg2 and played with elecard mpeg2 player. Took ages to make it all work but it did and I was happy. I'm now on the other side of the planet and facing a few probs with modern technology. so here goes:

    1. Using a sony dvd camera which only only transfers using high speed usb. Is it ok to capture using sony software and import files or is it better to capture using prem? As far as i can see only able to import vid files as mpegs? What happened to good old AVI??

    2. Files I have imported and edited seem to need to constantly be rendered/previewed every time i make a small change with a transition . This is slowing me right down, dont recall it taking this long.. Prob not PC as brand new and way more powerful than my previous one. Is it because i'm using imported files rather than captured? or is it the file format? mpeg rather than avi?

    Any ideas and suggestions most welcome,



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    Hi there,

    Don`t whether this will all be known to you but i`ll tell you it all anyway.

    The latetest version of Premiere is called Premiere Pro 1.5. It is a very stable, very good NLE program that a lot of people are using. The GUI has been changed from 6.0 and the A and B editing has gone.

    I think the reason that you are having some problems is because you are using a DVD camera. These are very tricky for editing with on a PC. The best from of video for Digital Editing. Capturing DV through Premeie Pro is a dream. So far I haven`t had a problem with it.

    Hope this helps.
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    Billy - as R4C mentions, DVD editing is a bit of a pain, but if you check out the FAQ here:

    that should hopefully be able to guide you through all the steps.

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    Cheers guys, problem soreted but on to teh next one. Have hooked up my old sony dcr trv340e to my pc running teh afore mentioned premier pro. Go to capture and it plays the digital 8 tape but slowly. When u hit record it loses the connection. What am I missing here?

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