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Thread: A Day in the Life of a Dive Centre

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    Default A Day in the Life of a Dive Centre

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    Sorry buddy this doesn't work for me. Nearly every shot being a time laps just doesn't work if this a promotion piece for your dive centre. I think it needs a bit more thought putting into it.

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    it's not a promo piece if it were I think I would have mentioned the name of the dive centre. Was my first go at using Timelapse, a little too much but the idea was to try and squeeze in a whole day at the dive centre which in realtime may have been a tad long
    Thanks for the feedback though

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    Think about what timelapse is used for.

    It compresses time to show something that changes slowly where there is interest in the process of the change. In other words it attempts to show something which a simple before and after shot would not achieve. Typical examples are clouds moving through the sky (we see the smaller formations withing the bigger ones), stars across the night sky (where without timelapse we wouldn't necessarily be aware of the path, an arena being set up for a concert (where we wouldn't be aware of all the infrastructure being put in) or a building (similar to an arena).

    So a timelapse is useful for compressing time when both (a) there's' a difference in the before and the after and (b) there is inherent interest in the process.

    Neither of those are present in the shots here and I'd humbly suggest that is why it doesn't work.

    But apart from the horizon being on the skew in several shos,it looked quite nice and warmed me up

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    Thanks Tim . It was really the first time i had ever used time lapse. Thought it would be a useful way to squeeze in as much of the working day as possible. I have used it again recently to show sections of the trip to cebu city from where we are in Moalboal also. That worked really well. Glad it warmed you up, Merry Christmas

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    watch those horizons ! what are you using to edit ? the gopro lens barreling can be fixed in PP (assuming you'd like to that is ... as can the wonky horizons.
    whats the temp there right now ?
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