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Thread: Ulead Media Studio Help (can i use Urdu)

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    Default Ulead Media Studio Help (can i use Urdu)

    Hello Friends I am new to this forum ... but i have little experience
    about forum sites... anyway ...I need help ...if anyone can ...
    I want to use Urdu Language in Title Text in Ulead media Studio 7
    so how to use urdu language ... is there any software either any
    font file to install ... please please must reply this message...

    Be Great as you\'re in thoughts

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    Welcome to the Forums luckylips

    Mediastudio Pro will apply any font/language that has been installed by your operating system (Windows XP presumably).

    So its really a matter for Windows rather than Mediastudio.

    Check this out for more details,

    And good luck

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    Hi there,
    You want to use Urdu in video editing, well Adobe Premiere Pro is better then any other software, first of all Install Premiere pro.
    For Urdu open up Inpage Selct "Aain tool" on the left side up to bottm at number 7. Select it, creat a Rectangle wide long as you wish, Write Urdu in it, change the color of text then select Mouse pointer from left side and select the rectangle you created. after this go to File menu select EXPORT Page. In dialog box give file name then click browse on the dialog box, give the directory where you want to save it, Under that change the file type Jpg to "Encapsulated postscript file"
    then save it.
    Open Premiere pro, click on file menu
    1- Click import
    2-Dialog box will appear choose directory where you saved inpage file in [PDF ormat or Encapsulated postscript]
    3-Click Ok
    4-That file now is in the project window, just drag it and drop in the timeline.
    That's ok
    if you want more help
    contact me at ""

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