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Thread: Mic setup for wearing and moving around....

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    I had intended to reply but Rogs has posted his very good reply to you so there is little that I can add to what he says. I think, in the end, some trial and error will have to be used so that you can hear the problems for yourself.
    Best of luck. Wynn.

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    what a fantastic thread with some very useful information
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    ok, thanks for the info Rogs, however to explain more what I'm intending doing, we go around old buildings, "Urban Exploring", so a bit of a rough and ready approach is fine, as long as I'm capturing better audio that the awful camera mic, then I'm totally happy, it's fine that he sounds a distance away when he shouts me from the other end of the corridor. I guess that maybe I just experiment. If the 65% gain on the Zoom (with Audio Tecnica connected) is about the right amount re sensitivity to capture sound, and not too much background hiss, then I'll deal with the fact that my mic can't be everywhere at once.
    I'm doing my usual thing of trying to work everything out without learning from actual experience of doing it. If however I don't have my computer by the time we go on our next weekend trip, I'll record all the audio at 65% on the Zoom..... and I've got my crap camera audio as a fallback

    can't wait to get my pc up and running and see some finished results

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    Sounds as if you may get quite range of sounds - volume wise - to record.
    If you set the mic gain too high you run the risk of 'clipping' the recorded audio, by overloading the input.
    If you set the gain too low you minimise that risk, but you'll increase the background noise (hiss) level.

    Of the two, the latter is probably more acceptable (clipping distortion usually sounds awful). So setting the gain slightly too low is probably better than too high.

    As you say, a few experiments will let you understand much better what suits your actual project needs...

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    Thanks Rogs, points noted. I was just in the process of ordering the Audio Technica 3350, I was reading about its batteries. There's no way to know if the batteries have died, unless I'm wearing headphones. Caused me to read some more reviews, I found the Rode Smartlav Plus, I think it doesn't require batteries, appears possibly better than the AT, and come with an adapter which turn the Jack output wire by 90 degrees, making pocketing the recorder a bit easier.

    any reason not to get the Rode Smartlav Plus instead of the AT3350 ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul2129 View Post

    any reason not to get the Rode Smartlav Plus instead of the AT3350 ?
    I wouldn't use either of those - at least not to start with! I believe the Rode model you mentioned is fitted with a TRRS jack instead of a TRS jack, and is intended to be used as a mic to plug into a smart phone.

    There maybe an adaptor available to convert it for use with the Zoom, I'm not sure?

    The Audio Technica needs a separate battery - as you have noted - so it's a bit pointless buying that type when the Zoom mic input has 'plug in power', which makes an external mic battery unnecessary.

    Lav mics are one of those 'law of diminishing return' type devices..... There are some huge increases in price for relatively little improvement in performance.

    I would start with a cheap mic like the model I suggested in post #2 . That will be of a similar quality to the internal mics of the Zoom itself.

    If you then want to go 'up market' a bit, at least you will know what improvements you are looking for, and have a better idea of what to buy - and why!

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    Thank you again, you're educating me I reckon the 'angled adaptor' I mentioned for the Rode Smartlav is one that produces the correct pin connection, in the photo it's shown plugged into a Zoom H1, it's about 50. I'll go off and check that link


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