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Thread: 16/9 videos on Premiere

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    Default 16/9 videos on Premiere

    Hi. I have Abobe Premiere 1.5 Pro, and recently i made some footage on 16/9. The camera has that option.

    The problem is when i capture the video, he comes in 4/3 with the image strained. Like watching a 16/9 movie on a 4/3 TV.

    I could ajust the size in Premiere in each clip, one by one, but that gives a lot of work!

    What can i do? Thanks!

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    I'm wondering if you started with a standard 4:3 project in Premiere. When you start anew project shoose the widescreen preset. I always do this. Never had an issue.

    if that's not the answer you are looking for then you'd better let us all know what settigns youare using and how you captured etc etc.

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    Default ...

    I really can't tell much :(

    I used a handicam, with a 16/9 option, and yes, i choose a widescreen project on premiere. But the image still appears with a black space on the side!

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