Hi folks and thank you very much for having me. I've just started working with a young vocal performer, recording and creating videos for youtube purposes. I've studied and worked in Sound Engineering over the years and so i can achieve fairly nice results with her voice simply using Logic Pro X.

Its only for fun, so we haven't invested any money in cameras or lighting equipment but we are trying to get a nice effect with what we have got.

So i have started using Premiere Pro CS6, purely because i have it bundled on my Mac. I would really love if someone could give me a few tips on how to achieve an effect that i a saw in another music video. When i say effect, it's more just the colour tones and warmth of the video.

Obviously i'm aware that this may be fully controlled at the time of shooting, but in the case that it wasn't, would there be a way to achieve something similar ?

A few pointers would be great to assist me .. Thanks again folks

The style that i'm looking for can be seen in this video