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Thread: Hard drive issue ?

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    Default Hard drive issue ?

    My second in command workhorse pc had been very reliable over the years … its around 5 years old
    Recently it it started with occasional blue screen of death alerts and now it just cycles through the start-up procedure getting as far as displaying the desktop for a few seconds then closing down and restarting ..repeat … repeat … rep

    I suspect maybe a faulty hard drive !??
    The hard drive has plenty of free space remaining.

    Ill go through what I intend to do. Please advise if this can be done and if it’s the correct way to do it. Or, if there’s a better solution

    Am I overly simplifying the procedure or will it be as straight forward as ...

    1/ Remove the hard drive from PC insert into a hard drive caddy and retrieve images, music and folders/files relating to my Adobe and Cubase projects. Backup everything retrieved to an external hard drive.

    2/ Install brand new hard drive into PC.

    3/ Re install windows from the back up disc I created when the PC was new.

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    Your hard drive could have bad spots on it - there should be a boot-level option to scan the drive and fix errors - it may run for several hours

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    You forgot to mention restoring all your data, but fundamentally your approach is correct.

    Not sure why you are backing up your data to another external hard drive. Your (old) hard drive in a caddy is already a n external hard drive.

    Personally I'd do this:

    Remove old hard drive
    Install new hard drive
    Restore Windows image
    Connect to internet and install all Windows and driver updates.

    For Window 7 this may take a couple of days with reboots etc - just when you think it's finished, more seem to come along. Also be aware that Windows doesn't always like lots of updates. Several times I've done this and the update process just seems to hang (including when shutting down and after a reboot when it says "Please wait, Windows is configuring your system, do not turn off) Sometimes you just have to ignore the warning and turn off. Eventually it will sort itself out.

    (Oprional) When you have a fully functionuing clean installation of Windows, take an image using Macrium Reflect (free) or another utility. Don't forget to make a boot disk or the image will be of no use)

    Connect your old hard drive as a second internal drive & transfer data (this should be quicker than doing it via USB)

    Zam is correct about checking the disk, however I would not do this until after you have recovered what data you can. CHKDSK with the /F option is the command you want. If you run it on the drive when it is installed as a second drive you can do it from within Windows without need for a reboot.

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    Cheers fellas. Some good info there.
    I've ordered a new drive and I'll have some free time over the xmas hols so I'll give it s good dose of looking at. I'll keep you posted.
    Thanks again.
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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