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Thread: Noise repair/removal

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    Default Noise repair/removal

    I have Izotope music and speech cleaner, does anyone have anything else they use please, at a REASONABLE cost

    Thank you

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    What is a reasonable cost ?
    If you were a pro using these type of tools everyday, reasonable could be thousands?
    if like most here, you are a keen amature...reasonable would be a lot less
    Are you pro ?
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Ok, I hate people like you, you have said just what I would have said to someone, I would have said how can this be answered if we don't know what you can afford,

    I am really more interested in what others use and assuming most would be on a limited budget.....................


    Reasonable Free to 50ish

    I am a professional photographer not videographer though I do, do, Videos
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    I've no idea how cut down iIzotope music and speech is but I use izotope RX5 (standard). I find it an excellent tool. Very quick for adequate results (eg making very badly recorded stuff at least audible or basic hiss/hum removal). Getting excellent results takes time as I imagine it would in any noise reduction package as one needs to isolate each problem and deal with it individually.

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    I still use the various noise reduction tools in Adobe Audition 3, along with the included Izotope multiband compressor for audio enhancement. It's a a bit ancient by today's standards of course, but can still give good results.
    There are quite few variables to adjust, so not as easy to use as the simple sliders used with Izotope music and speech cleaner....

    Cost wise, I forget how much the original AA3 was, but now that Adobe have taken the original activation servers for CS2 offline, you can download free copies of these earlier versions - complete with a valid with a serial no. - from Adobe themselves. Officially only for those who purchased the original software of course.... and very useful if you want to install these older versions onto newer computers....

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