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Thread: How do I transfer Hi-8 to a VCR?

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    Default How do I transfer Hi-8 to a VCR?

    I want to record on to a VCR video cassette from a Hi-8 camcorder. As far as I can find, the camcorder only has video and microphone sockets. Does the video carry the sound as well?
    It's such a long time ago since I used Hi-8, I can't remember! I mean, we are now using a Sony DVD camcorder, the Hi-8 is four cameras ago!!

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    Will depend on the type of connection. Assuming that your Hi-8 Camera has the standard Audio/Vido (AV) connectors (These are coloured yellow, White & red). Then simply connect these to your VCR. Press play on camera then record on VCR. Hey Presto.

    Incidentally if your DV camera has AV-IN functionality you could also transfer the Hi-8 footage to the DV camera and thereafter have digital control over your footage.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for that. I had a "trial and error" session last night and got it to record fine. The error bit came in when on getting no picture on the TV, I found I had inadvertantly put the camera video out lead into the microphone socket instead! The learning curve is steep on occasions!

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