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Thread: Troubles with video quality

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    Question Troubles with video quality

    hi all, this is my first post here,

    I need your help ! i have video clip that I've done for a "mannequin challenge" but there is something wrong with it, i even dont know the name of this problem, so i'd very very very happy if you can help me !

    check the video

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    I know the quality is very low and noise is high, that's ok, my problem is when the camera moves horizontally, there is this strange effect

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    The problem may well be a combination of things. The video clip downloaded from You Tube reveals a variable frame rate. I'm assuming the original also has a variable frame rate?....You tube re-encodes everything, and can make a right mess of variable frame rate clips, especially with fast motion.

    In addition you've clearly used image stabilisation on the clip (although the vertical wobble at the start is a bit odd -- looks a bit like rolling shutter 'jello' - although that suggests some serious up and down movement being corrected?)

    The problem with fast horizontal pans - when used with image stabilisation on - is that the 2 are fighting each other.... You're trying to fast pan, and the image stabiliser is trying to correct for that movement. End result .. not good.

    I downloaded your clip and created a 50fps version using free optical flow tools... You can download the result of that from here: (the file is about 80MB) I think the horizontal pans looks a bit better? (although still not perfect). That comes from the faster frame rate.

    It's not easy to get fast pans to look good. Removing image stabilisation, recording at a high frame rate (50 or 60 fps) and adding some motion blur by selecting an appropriate shutter speed can all help....
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    Default Thanks !


    Thank you very much for your answer! That was very fast! I'm sorry for my late answer, I'm currently working on the field so I dont have internet acces everyday.

    I Understand that one of the problems might be the frame rate! So is there any option to change the frame rate of a clip in FCP? could you give me a little help with that?
    Again, and Again! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

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    My 50fps version of your You Tube clip was made using free Windows based programs. I'm sorry to say I have I no knowledge at all of FCP, so I can't help there ...

    There are some very expert members on this board who maybe able to help you with that option?....

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