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Thread: My latest music video (storytelling)

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    Cool My latest music video (storytelling)

    Hi people, this is my latest music video. It was produced in Premiere Pro CC 2015, camera was a Panasonic GH4 + Leica 25mm f1.4
    I shot it in Salerno (Italy).

    I hope you will like it, all constructive comments welcomed!!


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    Not my sort of music but I thought this was extremely well executed from storyboard to grading.
    I got the impression every shot was planned for the edit and for the music. There were some great cuts here - I'm a big fan of using objects moving across the camera as a transition and 1:51 is a perfect example which works particularly well as you have the apparent speed of the guy running and the bike the same. Lots of lively but smooth camera movement. Crisp shots and great composition. They're fast cuts, full of energy, but never disorientating or irritating. And although the singer has that annoying (to me) rapper style of seemingly shouting aggressively at the camera the shots are not held long enough to be too intimidating (or too "in my face").
    My only criticism would be that after we'd had so many varied shots of the singer from 2:17 we have the final six shots of her ALL in front of the ferris wheel. (Of course there may be some relevance to this which might be revealed to me if I understood the lyrics.

    If I wanted to make a music video - I'd use this as a model. Great job!

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    i think Tim just about sums it up ! excellent work
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Yes like the others have said "well executed" piece. Not my "cup of tea" as we Brits say. BUT I appreciate something that's been made well.

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