Which should I use to convert my premiere projects to MPEG2 for building DVDs with?

Anyone with experience able to show me the pros and cons of each? Any sort of comparisons or tales of experience welcome.

I've been readig the tutorials and I'm it seems like people prefer TNMPGenc but I haven't found any real evidence why.

Assuming TMGenc is the way to go then what format should i export from Premiere 6.5 to convert with TMPGenc. Or is there some sort of passthru route with the tewo products handshaking along the way?

I've been using the bundled one and not aware of any issues with it but there's so much talk (on these forums) of TMPGenc that I wonder whcih is the best route to take.

In short, what's my best route to get MPEG2 out of Premiere?

THanks for any help.