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    Hi everyone, I'm new to these forums, and i guessed that this would be the best board to post this on. I'm making the senior video at my school this year, shown at the final assembly on the last week of school. The whole school watches and its supposed to show mainly seniors and include sports, clubs, etc. They usually run about 30-45 minutes. I'm asking for any ideas anyone has on good shots or ways to organize it, but mainly i need a theme. I really want a reocurring theme type thing that ties each scene change together. Something that makes people want to keep watching for the end. Any help or any ideas at all would be great. Thanks

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    Wow... that's a good idea, but without knowing much about your school, i'm not sure how much I can help you!

    Is there something your school or town is well known for? Are there any (inoffensive) in jokes that you can use?

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    Well our school is known for their football team, they were undefeated for 4 years until last year, and the coach is infamous for working the football players harder and harder so that they will win again this year.

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    OK, have somebody dressed up as the coach (does he have any distinguishing characteristics? facial hair? a particular hat we wears all the time?) trying to get the team to do something bizarrely difficult. have one of these joke scenes in between each "proper" scene, with the tasks getting even more ludicrously difficult each time.

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    in my opinion 30 - 40 mins is a long time for the whole school to sit through.

    What can the Film be about, ? Can you introduce some of the main teachers, in a Fiml intro kind of way ?
    Like having each teacher do something different, then freeze, then their name pops up.

    I know its old hat but it always gets peoples attention on the point of freeze
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