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Thread: Rendering Problem in VideoStudio 9

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    Default Rendering Problem in VideoStudio 9

    Hello. I'm a newbie to video editing, and VideoStudio 9 is my first time using video editing software. I'm well into the production of my video, and I want to export the file onto my PC to share on the web (and later burn onto a DVD for my family). However, I've been doing much searching on other forums and it seems that rendering settings differs for everyone depending on your circumstances and I just can't get decent quality out of my render.

    Here is my computer setup:
    Pentium 4 CPU 3GHz
    1GB RAM
    Windows XP Professional

    Here are my capture settings:
    Format: AVI
    Capture Frame Rate: 30 frames/sec
    Input Source: S-Video
    Compression: I420
    Frame Size: 320x240

    My camcorder is connected to a device (DVC 80), which is connected to my computer via USB. The video so far is about 2min long (not done yet). The quality prior to rendering is good, it's just the rendered product that is a bit blurry, jittery and not smooth. I've tried a number of different combinations with my Project Settings and Create Video File dropdown, none of which seem to be near the quality before rendering. Any ideas on what could be the problem?

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks. If I left any info out, please let me know as I will be checking these forums often. I'm excited to get this video done before leaving for college so I can share with you people and get some feedback!

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    Dropped Frames!

    Delete your temp files, defrag your hard disk and start again.

    If your final output is for TV you should also change your capture sttings to full screen.

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