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Thread: Starting out... please help

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    Default Starting out... please help

    I'm interested in video ediitng, what software would you recommend I use, I've used Windows Movie Maker but it isn't really that professional, not many features etc etc.

    What software would I need in order to like, show two different scenes in one shot, if you know what I mean? It's like there's a split.

    I'm a beginner and I'd liek to get started right away...

    Please someone help...

    Thanks alot
    ..... haaa haaa!!! lol ??

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    There's a number to choose from. I think most, if not all, have downloadable demos you can try for a while. Have a play with each of them and see which you like and have the features you are looking for.

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    Welcome to the site.

    I was a Windows Movie maker for a time

    It was ok and did the job, but once you have the editing Bug. You need more Power to control things.

    I moved up to Pinnacle Studio 9.0
    Its ok for what i want it to do. It does do split screen but only after a hefty upgrade.
    I have not used any other editing programs so cant coment on others.

    Pinnacle has some stability issues, which can be a major pain soemthimes. But as a Next step from Movie Maker its a good bet.
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    I moved from Windows MM to Premiere Elements and have stuck there ever since. Does everything I need in my world of editing and impresses family / friends so that's fine by me. Dead easy to get to know as well.

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    Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements! Premiere Elements!

    It's great.

    I got it from Amazon for about £43 inc P&P. It's great - it takes you through loads of tutorials and it's very clear.

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