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Thread: create my own "alarm" voice

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    Well done. I hope you don't mind if I suggest something.
    I'm finding it too hard to decypher what you are saying. It is obviously clear as anything to you, but you know what is being said.
    You need to test sound on "fresh" ears before committing it.
    I'd suggest that rolling off the echo a bit (so each repeat is less loud than it currently is) might be enough.

    But that's just my opinion.

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    Thank You. And I'm very glad you did actually, all kind of feedback is really appreciated!

    I thought the same about it by the way and 100% agree with you. I haven't found a way yet to do it though, whenever I rolled off the echo more than it already is here, it started to sound weird (like metallic or something, it's hard to describe). Eventually I hoped that most players would understand it since the phrase I'm using is not uncommon for this game, most people that play the game would know it.

    190 players enter the arena - but only one leaves alive - welcome to king of the kill

    But thanks a lot for your suggestion, having it tested by "fresh" ears is defintely something I'll consider/do in the future, great advice!

    Have a good one & thanks!

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