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Thread: Adding your own music to Studio files

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    Default Adding your own music to Studio files

    Hi. I wonder if anyone has had a similar problem to this. I have tried reading other posts for the answer but have been unable to find anything that completely answers my question ... so here goes!

    When adding a music track from a CD to my movie in Studio (9.4.3), it works OK the first time - eg. I tell Studio the name of the CD and it comes up with the track nos and lets me select one and add it to my movie without any problems. However, if at a later date I insert the same CD in the hope of selecting another track from it, Studio recognises the CD but refuses to recognise/display the tracks on the CD so it is impossible to use the same CD again to select a track from. I have read posts where the answer to this is to convert the CD tracks to mp3's and import them that way, which is what I tried, but the problem then was that the mp3 only played for a certain amount of time (sorry can't remember offhand how long it played for) and then stopped part-way through the song. Has anyone else found this problem? The only way I thought of getting around the CD problem was to uninstall/reinstall Studio but then there is the hassle of reinstalling the latest patches etc and I don't want to have to do this every time I want to use the same CD. I was also wondering where Studio stores the information it knows about a previously used CD, so that if that was deleted then hopefully I could use the CD again. Apologies if this sounds vague, but I am not at my usual computer with Studio loaded on it so am trying to describe the issue from memory!

    Incidentally, other than the above and a few minor issues, surprisingly I am finding Studio is working very well and I am really pleased with the 10 or so DVDs I have made (all captured from an analogue camcorder).

    Thanks in anticipation!

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    Welcome to the site

    mmm studio studio, why art thou cut the clip while editing.

    Yep it cuts the imported clip down evertime you add a new clip to your story board.

    so for example you make the title add a clip, then add the mp3 sound track, then add another clip... oops the sound track you added then finishes at the end of the last clip you added.

    Easy, just left click the end of the mp3 sound clip and stretch it to your right.

    Hope this sorts the problem out, i have also found that it will not play some mp3 files ? no idea why, maybe they are locked to only play with a lisence ?

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks for your reply. I have just tried to stretch the sound track as suggested but unfortunately when I click on the mp3 track it is not possible to stretch it to the right as only a blue arrow pointing to the left appears (eg. I can shorten the track but not make it longer). It is very odd. I have even tried messing about by adding the track into a new file which contains no clips (so that the clips are not interfering with it) but each time I drag the mp3 onto the music track area, the track is only just under 4.5 mins in length, whereas if I actually open the mp3 in Windows Media Player it tells me the track is actually 7 mins 6 secs long. I tried dragging another mp3 onto the music track area - this one was supposed to be 6 mins 19 secs in length but it only plays for just under 4 mins before stopping mid-song. Again, it is not possible to drag it to the right to lengthen the clip (only shorten it). :(

    Thanks for trying to help with this.

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