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Thread: Stretched Image Upon Capture??

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    Default Stretched Image Upon Capture??

    Hi there.

    I am having some difficulty with Adobe Premiere Pro. I am just learning it and have tried to do some reading to solve the problem but I have been unable to find the solution. I own a JVC DR270 (DV) video camera, and I did some filiming in the "Cinema" mode, which basically puts two black bars on the screen. Whenever I watch it on tv or on the computer it looks fine, but as soon as I capture it and open the files it is stretched horizontally and appears squeezed vertically. Another thing I noticed is that when I exported the video using the DV format, whenever it would get to a transition it would adjust itself to the proper size, then go right back to being stretched. However, when I export as a windows media file, it is fine. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it, because I have tried everything for the last week to no avail!!

    Thank You!!

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    I'm having a similar problem :(

    I have filmed in 16/9, but the captured video on the PC is "forced" to 4/3, squeezed vertically.

    I can't be ajusting all the clips, one by one in Premiere!

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    James, I think this may be because your cinema mode literally just adds hard encoded black bars to your video. I would investigate whether this is the case. If I'm correct, I would advise you film in full frame mode in the future.

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