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Thread: Manual time syncing two videos in P6.5

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    Default Manual time syncing two videos in P6.5

    Alright, I've read through many posts and done some searches but could not find anything on this so please forgive me if this question gets asked every week.
    I'm working with the videos from my wedding(14 years later), two cameras from two locations. I would like to sync them so that I may fade from one to the other to use the best shot, but use only one audio trak. I some how managed to line then up loosly once but could not find a way to play both at the same time to fine tune the timing. I'm very new to Premiere just installed it today. I've been looking at tutorials but they all seem to focus on working with severial short clips not mixing two long clips.
    Any advice would be helpful and appricated

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    What I do is place one clip above another and synch using the audio wave pattern first. You can normally get this fairly accurate if you zoom right into the time line. Then use incremental adjustments with both audio layers turned on until you no longer hear an "echo". finally turn off one of the audio layers.

    You can either switch to viewing the different video layers by turning them on and off, or make clip/resize the video layers, then bring them back to normal size before export.

    I tend to use one camera as a main and one for cutawys. That was I simply peel back the main layer when I eiether want an action shot or am zooming/panning.

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