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Thread: How do I extract video from a DVD with handbrake that has its frames in proper order?

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    Unhappy How do I extract video from a DVD with handbrake that has its frames in proper order?

    Hello! I studied video editing formally for a couple years after it being my hobby since I was 12, but I never did get a proper job with it and have done it mainly in an amatuer capacity ever since, so I'm excited to find this website.

    I've been having some fun this year making fan-trailers for some movies I am pulling off of my DVDs with handbrake, but they have a rather big problem.

    The .MP4s produced by handbrake have frames which appear to be out of place, resulting in a jumpy video. I noticed this while colorizing an old B/W film, and haven't been able to find a solution for it. I realize it is probably being caused by the excessive reformatting the video has gone through (captured a century ago in 24fps, encoded to 30fps for DVD, then re-encoded for 29.9fps for .MP4, if not even more I don't know about).

    I have tried correcting the video with the interpretation options in AE (such as: MMSSS, SMMSS, SSMMS, etc.). This does fix SOME of the bad frames, but also misses some, AND removes some frames which are correct, resulting in a video that is weirdly jumpy-jumpy.

    Does anyone know how to correct this? How to rip video from DVD with handbrake and get the frames to come out reasonably correct? To be clear, I am not referring to duplicate frames. I know converting a video from 24fps to 30fps will unavoidably result in duplicates. This problem is frames that are out of place with their neighbors, causing single-frame instances of backward-animation, making the whole thing jumpy.

    Also I am working on Mac. My handbrake settings are codec H.264 and 29.97fps constant framerate. I have gotten the same result from different quality levels so I don't think that will help, but I usually set it to 5 (from the right end of the slider).
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