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Thread: Zoo Zürich in Switzerland | Beautiful Animals

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    Default Zoo Zürich in Switzerland | Beautiful Animals

    I was in the Zoo this Week. The Zoo here in Zurich, Switzerland is really beautiful, the animals have plenty of space.
    Looking forward for some feedback

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    I don't know how long you've been editing but I found some of the edits not right. One example when you fade to black around 40 seconds it's "odd" to fade back to the same image. Another example is the next shot as soon as you cut to the Monkey type animal he should be swinging but there is a strange pause before he starts. These are two examples, if you take a look with fresh eyes you'll see more. Another thing I found not to my liking is that a lot of the images seem "over processed". I don't know if you felt you needed to do this because a lot of the shots are over exposed.

    Don't take this criticism the wrong way. Some shots were very nice like the shot of the snake at 2:20 and others. Some of my points refer to personal taste rather than "technically correct" so it's up to you how you take it.

    I thought the music fitted ok with the piece which isn't always easy to do. Some people may suggest having some ambient sounds and they may be right but I'm not sure with this piece.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cool, camera great!, i was wondering what the red bird is called? i liked how you captured the animal's, especially the monkey swinging and jumping from tree's my fav's

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