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Thread: Motocross and dusty drones

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    Having some fun filming motocross with a drone. Lots of improvements needed but not bad for first try. Next trip I'll try and get the actual start and maybe chase them around a bit.

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    It adds some nice footage to the video but I noticed that you tend to move back slightly at the end of pans. Either try to avoid it or cut before it is visible.

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    Very nice. Maybe bit too long and would need a few onboard clips also. Music was good but I think that it really isn't legal to use this track.

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    Enjoyed the mix of shots although I wanted even more of a mix. As Teoh says, some onboard - well maybe - but I'd prefer some close ups (difficult. but adds another perspective). Shots from different pats of the course would be good - we always seemed to have the same angle of the same two jumps. There are some trees surrounding part of teh course - possibility of some shots through the trees? Or even with a tree blotting out one side of the shot?

    Much as I enjoyed this, I found 4 mins too long. For that length it really needs more of a narrative. " mins max without - no mater how good the shots.

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