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Thread: Brokenman (first 5 min.) Feature Film

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    Default Brokenman (first 5 min.) Feature Film

    Ok guys, here you have the Intro of Brokenman, the first 5 min, thanks for supporting the movie, I hope you enjoy....coming soon full movie....

    thanks for sharing.. Lumix GH3 +Tokina 11-16(2., Voigtlander 25mm (0.95)

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    Looks really nice to me. But the actual hit at the end just didn't have the impact I was hoping for, but in a way that makes it a little more disturbing.

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    That was really good. How much did your Lumix GH3, Tokina and Voigtlander cost altogether to buy?

    Also, where in the video did you use the Tokina and where did you use the Voigt?

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