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    Hi there,
    I love to make multimedia but I am not an expert. It is one of my hobbies to make the multimedia. I planned to make a video with my boyfriend. The theme is none other than our tripping. But I don't know how I shoot each and every moment since we are going alone. But somehow we need to do it. But the thing I was concerned during the editing was the song. I am not that good at song selection. What type of song and how do I select the song are the matters which concerns me the most. I heard that choosing right music is an important factor for the video productions. I was thinking how could I choose music for my video, I got some ideas from an article, I thought to share it here for the video makers. And your ideas regarding video making can be shared here too.

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    Use your phones to film each other

    do the editing in iMovie on one of your phones

    dont worry about the music too much - it takes a few minutes to swap one track out for another until you find one that you like

    i write my own tracks on my phone with GarageBand - you could spend 30 minutes learning it and you could write your own tracks too

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