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    To date I have almost exclusively taken videos using 1080 at 50 fps. 1080 because it is a full screen 16:9 format and the maximum resolution of my TV and PC screen..............50 fps because most of my videos are fast moving action. I use Sony Movie Studio 12 and rendering options exist for 1080 so everything seems to fit.

    My question is that with action cams now offering a far greater range of resolutions..up to 4k....and framespeeds beyond 50/60 fps, how are these best managed in post? So for example 1080 at 90 fps. Can the video be rendered at 90fps? What benefit is there in using 2.7k or 4k unless the viewing platform has a maximum resolution of 1080?

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    As no one has come in with an answer so far I'll start the ball rolling with my layman's answer. As you are already aware shooting with a faster frame rate will give you "sharper"/ "Clearer" images of fast action. The main reason to shoot fast frame rates is to get better Slow motion shots. The faster the frame rate the better, in theory. I don't see the point in rendering video at faster than 25 fps for most normal viewing. I know YouTube has started a new thing of being able to slow down the playback footage so maybe you get better images with that if you render at faster frame rates.

    As for the resolution If you only have a 1080 display you would not see the benefit of a 4K video so much but I still think it's good to shoot in as high a resolution as you can then you will be able, at a later date re-render at a higher resolution when you get a better monitor. I personally think an image shot at 4K resolution and then down scaled to 1080 looks better than an image shot in similar conditions at 1080 resolution. There are plenty of examples you can checkout on YouTube to see this for your self.

    One more thing about the frame rate. Some people don't want that super sharp clean look of a fast frame rate image which is why they would choose to film at 24/25 fps. So it all about the look you are after in your videos. I assume you are shooting "action sports" so a high frame rate at high resolution is probably the best way to go for you but render it out at 25 fps to save file size.

    That's my opinion any way.

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    Thanks. Yes that confirms what i thought except i have noticed an improvement in quality rendering at 50fps and uploading to you tube in that rendered format. So with a newer version of my action cam it offers a couple of settings i am interested in and would value your views on them.
    The first is 1080 at 90fps. Based on your reply the use of a framerate nearly double the 50fps i currently use should make fast action even sharper. Like 50fps it would presumably still be played by a mediaplayer at 25fps. I usually use match media to set project properties so assume MS will do that? But i wonder how it should be rendered.
    The second option is 2.7k at 50fps. Again based on your reply it sounds like it should provide a quality improvement. I assume it is rendered the same as my current 1080/50 workstream?

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    I can't say with 100% certainty as different cameras/formats could have their own little idiosyncrasies but I would go with the 1080/50 rendering format. The best way to really know is to do your own testing and see what you think looks best.

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