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Thread: Unboxing China Fairing for Motorcycle

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    Hi all,

    I tried my hand this time at some timelapses while unboxing and working with transitions and audios. Let me know what you think


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    A few suggestions.
    1. Audio - get a mic near your mouth. An on camera mic is is no use for the main audio, only for syncing with another source or possibly for ambient sound
    2. Audio -this was a surprise if you were using on camera mic as this is usually stereo - all your voice is in the right hand channel (with quite a bit of hiss in the left) . Learn to use your editor to mix audio properly. You manage a good job with the levels and fading, now get the stereo positioning sorted.
    3. If you are going to unwrap individual pieces and then show them to the camera makes sure we can actually see the whole piece when you present it to the camera.
    4. After you've cut the first piece of bubble wrap, this part of "unboxing" rapdily becomes very boring. Consider speeding up the parts where you unwrap each piece then slowing down as you present the unwrapped piece to the camera. Alternatively, use jump cuts to remove the sections where you are doing the unwrapping.
    5. Look for somewhere where the background is in more of a contrast to the parts you are trying to present. Everything here is cream/white.

    Just my 2p worth.

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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks a lot for your great feedback. Highly appreciated. I will try to implement those in my next unboxing video


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    Unfortunately I have no useful comment on the video. All I can say is that porcelain (china) seems like an unlikely material for a motorcycle fairing. Back in the 90s I think we were using ABS, with the odd carbon fiber bit and even some fiberglass here and there. That was a long time ago but I do remember the ZX11 quite vividly. That monster would lift the front wheel with a casual roll of the throttle, no need work the clutch. (Sorry, couldn't resist the China/porcelain joke.)

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