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Thread: Promo Vid for Pub's FB page (Just for fun!)

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    Default Promo Vid for Pub's FB page (Just for fun!)

    A promo vid for the pub I work for. Handheld with a Canon G15 compact camera.

    Will retake some of the filming and improve end credits before official release on The Brook's FB page. I need this to be a significant improvement from what I've posted in the past on the FB page.
    This may look naive to experienced videographers/film makers, but
    I am a noob and any constructive advice/critique is welcomed.

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    If it's just to promote this one product for the pub I think it works.

    On the titles, it might be nice to add some sort of grunge on top or as a texture on the text as it all looks a bit too clean for a Halloween feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    If it's just to promote this one product for the pub I think it works.

    On the titles, it might be nice to add some sort of grunge on top or as a texture on the text as it all looks a bit too clean for a Halloween feel.
    Thanks MB. Not sure how to do grunge...I've added texture and a glow though. Better?

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    I think that's better but blood doesn't have sharp edges so if you round the texture a bit that would look better I think.

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    There's some sort of annoying lighting issue going on in the clip at 1:05 - possibly to do with the shutter speed and lights being at different frequencies, but that would need a re-shoot.
    You could try increasing the saturation to enhace the colour of the food.
    The titles are too long. Once the audience has had time to read them, get them, off the screen.
    This is enhanced by the fact they don't move quite correctly. I don't know whether you've used a D movement effect or you zoom i, but I suspect the latter. An object moving towards/away from the camera appears to move fast the closer it is to the camera. So you're "Happy Halloween", presumably increasing in size at a constant rate appears to slow down. You neeed to ramp up the speed of change the larger the text gets.

    But overall not a bad piece. The music was great and the "Vincent Price" voiceover was superb.

    Oh, one more thing, I'd lose your NOIGE title at the end. It is really good, but unfortunately because of that, it detracts from what went before (makes it look lower quality).
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    Thansk MB, Yeah your right, I may look at other textures, should have used liquid fx.

    Tim, Thanks for your detailed critique/observations...Exactly the sort of stuff I want to improve. I will be re-shooting the footage at some point. I created the 3D text in photoshop and added pan & zoom effect in Adobe Elements, probably done something wrong due to lack of experience.

    Glad you liked the voice, used Rick Whelan from Fiverr and music from bensound, who has some good free tracks on his website. As for my NOIGE will be hard to's 'my stamp' I want to use on all I produce.Maybe if I can improve the content of the video enough it won't distract too much?

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    It looks as if there are some focus issues around 0:55 and 0:58. Did you use auto focus?

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    I do use auto focus. The footage is taken on a Canon G15 powershot. There is a small chunk of video I cut out between the ladling and placing the cheese. My other camera is a Panasonic cam-corder which has manual focusing etc,which I am hoping to learn to use in due course.

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    My camera offers an option to auto focus only when you press the focus button. Maybe yours has something like that as well.

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