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Thread: HELP - Canon XM2 recording problem

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    That's good news anyway!!

    Hope it goes well!

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    Default XM2 Tape Mechanism Repair

    I'm back with good news: my XM2 is working as new! After the attempted succesfull repair, everything is back to normal: big noise, slow speed... I am talking about the XM2's tape mechanism, of course. But at least it's working. Here's the link where you can find details and photos taken during the repair process. I hope it will help somebody one day to do the same steps, in case it needs it... hope not.
    Waiting for comments and good luck!

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    Default Help!

    Hi, Newbie here, but at least I searched for a relevent thread before posting, that's got to be worth something right?!

    I'm having problems with my XM2. Recently, I'm recording, only to find; when I Import, that the first few minutes of tape haven't recorded at all and that after that I have barring, mosaic and time code breaks. I've been running the Head Cleaner like nobodies' business, but doesn't seem to help that much. Is my camera done for?! As the camera is second hand, I have no warranty. Is a repair needed and will it be costly?


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    anthony olway Guest

    Default XM2 tape cleaning problems

    That might be down to the fact that you are repeatedly using the cleaning tape. Over cleaning can damage the camera.
    As far as I am aware you should only use it for a couple of cleans in one go. And only for ten seconds at a time. then throw away the cleaning tape when you reach the end of it.
    Ive made that mistake myself before.
    It eventually sorted itself out after I ran several 'normal' tapes through it, but still the tapes recorded in it will only play back properly in that camera. they dont play in anything else.

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    Cheers Anthony. When i said like nobodies business, I meant I was still sticking to the 10 secs no more than five repitions as per the instructions. I think it's ok now, someone else has been using it and haven't heard any complaints. I managed to finish my video. Search for Random Number effective edge on Youtube if you fancy a butcher's. Thanks again for the reply.

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    hi i was filming this morning and in between turning on and off, when i turned back on all i could see was red through the camera, its also somewhat blurry? It wasn't raining or anything so there isnt the issue of water getting in and messing it up, although it was a cold day, is this something that will correct itself or is there something i can do? Please help,

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    New question - so you had best start a new thread for it and delete the above - far more people will lokk then.

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    Default XM2 problems

    I have had my xm2 for a year and a half with no problems,i paid 55o pound for it so if i get another 2 years out of it ill be happy

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    Default I have the same problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
    I have a Canon XM2. No big problems until yesterday... I was asked to record an event on tape, so I did. Or at least I thought I did!
    When I got home and tried to transfer the material into my computer, rewinded the tape, hit play and... blank screen. Nothing! I've changed the tape, but the same black thing was on my display (and viewfinder of course). I thought something was wrong with the camcorder. I've inserted the tape in another camcorder and everything is perfect... only on tape I don't have what I thought I've just recorded, but what was previously on tape. I am amazed and somehow astonished about what I am gonna tell the person that asked me to record that event for him (actually his wedding...).
    I am absolutelly sure that I've pressed the Record button on that day (otherwise there would've been no rewinding process involved afterwords, and I know that took place). There was no warning (heads dirty, remove tape, etc., as it happened before) to inform me that something was awfully wrong.
    Did something similar happened to anyone before. I mean at least there could've been some jerky images on tape, something... but nothing, just the previous recording, clear as cristal and untouched. I still can't believe this, I'm still shocked about it.
    When I've tried to record something with the Canon, there was the warning (heads dirty), but still when I checked there was something recorded on tape. Jerky, but still... there was something. I've run a tape back and forth for a minute and now there's no problem with recording/playing on Canon. So clearly, there was a problem, but why there was no warning about it? And why the previous recording is absolutely intact?
    Hamilton, have you had any luck sorting out this problem? Has anyone else encountered the same proble? Any explanations? Any cures?
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