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Thread: A low cost 'wireless' recording microphone..

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    Default A low cost 'wireless' recording microphone..

    A young family friend wanted to make a short video to include an interview which used 'wireless' hand held microphones - "like the ones they use in the F1 Grand Prix TV reports" - was how he described what he was after...
    Having drawn his attention to the fact that the type of professional radio mic used for that - together with its associated receiver and audio recorder - was likely to cost him several hundred pounds, I suggested he might like to use a Zoom audio recorder instead (his camera doesn't have a mic input anyway!).
    No good apparently - doesn't 'look' right

    So I suggested fitting a cheap small audio recorder into a 'fake' microphone tube ... That allows the microphone to 'look' more like the real thing, and also helps solve the problems of handling and wind noise you can encounter when using portable audio recorders on their own.
    And by selecting one of the Sony ICDPX series of recorders, you can keep the cost down. (Those little recorders are much better than you might think ---- Sony advertise them as mono recorders - in fact they are capable of excellent quality stereo recording as well!)

    I made some notes on the project -- see HERE

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    The alternative is to use a hand held recorder (I use a Tascam DR40 ) and a decent external mic to the XLR input. The Broadcasters often use a hand held mic to a belt pack.

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    I also use an Olympus LS 5 and a Sony M10 both with external mics on occasion. For this project though, it was to be 'no wires' - hence the inclusion of the recorder inside the housing.

    I see that Tascam are now offering the DR 10X to solve the problem. Plugs into any dynamic XLR microphone - so you can use your favourite mic and still no wires!.... brilliant idea! ( I linked to it about half way down THIS PAGE of my project notes)

    But this project is really intended to be very 'low budget', and I think it gives pretty good results for less that 50 (and that includes everything of course.. mic - recorder - and the housing!)

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