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Thread: Vegas Pro 14 released !

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    Default Vegas Pro 14 released !

    I just opened Vegas and got this notification saying version 14 upgrades available.

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    Check to see if it supports a multi-touch interface - maybe I'll try it

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    Midnight - hold fire!
    It's expensive as far as previous upgrades go. You can get it at a discounted price of $249 until Sept27 after which it will revert to the normal upgrade price of $249 (Seriiously!)
    In the months leading up to this, Magix had an offer for new users - Buy version 13 for $199 with free upgrade to version 14.
    So we could have got an additional licence and an upgrade (albeit for only one of the licences) for $199

    When existing users of version 13 made enquiries about whether they should take up that offer, we were told to wait for the launch of version 14 fr the special upgrade offer.

    So now we come to the launch and the special upgrade offer is more expensive than if we'd bought a new licence with a free upgrade!

    As you can imagine many, many users are extremely hacked off about this (for more details go to the forum page.

    There are some new things, but not a great deal to interest me.Possibly the bundled Mercalli and Velocity now going to 20x. You may be interested in ProRes support, but that's not currently on my radar.
    There are two signnificant things that may affect you (they would me)

    1. Support for the Dolby ac3 Pro encoder (the one where you can customise the parameters) has been withdrawn. This encoder is actually part of DVD Architect, but even with that re-installed it no longer appears as an option when creating audio files. However the non-customisable version (as supplied with DVD Architect Stuudio does still work.

    2.Your existing scripts will no longer work. This is down to legal stuff where eference made to the Sony namespace no longer works. If you have the source it's an easy enough change to make, but for compiled script packages (eg VASST Ultimate Pro, VASST Apps, Excalibur, Vegasaur and numerous individual scripts) the author will need to re-write and then issue new versions. Edward Troxel has already said he'll supply free versions of Excalibur, but there's no guarantee others will follow suit. Many users use scripts where the developer no longer exists.

    Of course, Vegas 13 gives me all I need for now so I can afford to wait, but I'm starting to look at alternatives again.

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    Cheers Tim. To be honest. V 12 does all I need right now. So I'll be sticking with that until I go all super high-tech 16K or whatever. :P

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    Unfortunately, I must agree with everything that TimS writes above.
    Only I am too thick to learn anything new, so I'll be sticking with VPro 13. Luckily it "does all I need right now"

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