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Thread: Stitching together multiple components

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    Default Stitching together multiple components

    Complete newbie to all this so I apologise in advance.

    Used a cloud based animation platform to create an animation that I then wanted to add audio too. Tried using premiere but it bloats the file size and reduces the quality and can't I figure it out.

    Basically I'm looking to stick together an animation, audio/voice-over and some video footage that's split in to multiple parts. The quality of all three is just how I want them, I just need them to flow together seamlessly. What can I use to achieve this?


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    Just about every NLE, will do what you are trying to achieve, though some are a bit more fussy about mixed formats than others. However, if you are having difficulty achieving good results with Premiere, it is likely you will have the same problem in other NLEs. The problem is not likely to be the software but your understanding of it and of media formats. Of course you may find it far easier to figure this out with other NLEs. If Premiere is not working for you, try (on Windows) Vegas Movie Studio. You can get a 30 day fully functioning free trial.

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    Hi Bull and welcome to the forum,

    I would have recommended premiere CC. From your comments it is really hard to find out what you mean by bloating up size and decreasing quality. In Premiere you can do almost anything, so i believe its an issue with the settings. When i export, i set click the button "use sequence settings". This keeps my quality the same as the import. have you tried that?


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