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    I 'm using Grabbee II ( USB Video Grabber cable ) for my analog webcam and Im trying to use it with some webcam software in order to take automaticaly snapshots and upload them on a website.

    It seems to be impossible to use it with the programs that I have tryed.

    do you know any webcam software that could support the drivers of that product?

    With kind Regards,

    Dimitris Kourkoulos
    Brouklis Str 7
    Arillas 49081
    Corfu Greece
    +30 26630 51418

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    Default video Grabbee II

    Hello dimitris

    You should use Stop Motion Animator instead. As far as I know this software is freeware and if you type its name into a search engine you should find it easily. It is primarily for stop motion animation but can capture still images at 320x240 and 640x480 pixels. You can save the files individually and locate them on your hard disk. Hope this helps.

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    Default Grabbee II ( USB Video Grabber cable )

    Thank you Nikosony,
    I can do this allready,
    What I really need is a program that does the whole job automaticaly in set times and also uloads a picture onthe web.
    I have tryed some of the webcam programs that were found on the net but they do not seem to recognise the drivers of GRABBEE II I also contacted the company who created the product, ( and this is the answer that they gave me.
    Due to the driver need to be modified for different software, we suggest you to use the bundled software only for the applications.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.

    Best regards,


    VVmer Technology Corp.

    TEL: 886-2-86471876 FAX: 886-2-86472841
    I need urgently some help other wise I will be not able to run my weather cam

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