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    Hi to all, new to vegas pro. Have been given a video by a friend to play with and alter some text. It's an MP4 video with no master files, there's text embedded across the bottom against a black background. I wish to create a black bar 1920 X 150 and lay it across the bottom to mask the existing text, then overlay new text. I can create the bar in media generators using solid colours,but when I use "pan & crop" the bar appears in the centre of the video and I can't seem to get it to move down the screen? Any help very welcome please.
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    Hi Bob, and welcome.
    In the Pan and Crop window, look under "Source" (left had side to the right of the tool bar) and set " Stretch to fill frame" to No.(I'm not sure what hat ha sto do with strething to fill the frame either, but it does the job.

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    Many thanks Tim, got there with your tip and some frame resizing, what difference the change of size makes I have no idea but I got there, cheers.

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