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Thread: Civil war film (2 hour challenge) Trailer/Music video :P

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    Default Civil war film (2 hour challenge) Trailer/Music video :P

    Hello - this is my first post on this site so hopefully you enjoy my edit :P
    since when I am editing I usually run out of time meaning I can only barely finish a project..
    so I decided to restrain

    Here is my edit, hope you enjoy:
    any feedback and support through advise (and maybe what I did well ) is truly appreciated

    (note I am a media student so I am still learning)

    Thank you for taking the time for reading this post, enjoy

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    I would have liked if the marching was paced to the music's beat.
    Some (foley) environment sound could also have worked out fine.
    The music choice reminded me of Tarantino.
    If it was meant as a trailer it didn't draw me in as I didn't get to know something about the story.

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