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Thread: I traveled to Venice

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    Post I traveled to Venice

    Hey guys, I recently started making travel vlogs and just posted a new video on my channel. I'd really appreciate any feedback on it!

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    A good selection of the sort of touristy shots we might expect from the location. Nothing particularly stood out to make me think "I never knew that" or "What a surprise" (other than the man who appeared to have a penis for his nose), but as a fairly vague overview it worked.

    Generally the shots were clear, level, reasonably well exposed.

    Your commentary added nothing other than to tell us what we were going to see (which could just as well have been done in captions/titles). If you're going to make a travel vlog, I think you really need to tell us something about the place. Not necessarily facts (although a few are always interesting) - that's more for a travel guide or a documentary, but how you feel about the place, what you saw that you found interesting, the people you spoke to.

    If you are going to talk to the camera (and there's no harm in that) please remove your shades. If we cannot see your eyes we cannot relate to you and thus cannot get so involved in your experience. And when you do remove your shades (as you do in the hotel room) please address the camera lens rather than the LCD display, so you give the impression you are talking to the viewer rather than someone standing over his shoulder.

    Take more care over editing the audio. Your first voice over eases in and out well, you fade the music down under your talking and then back up again - all nice and smooth but 1:10 is a dreadful harsh cut (and not, for a deliberate effect, I think). The music just stops dead and ambient noise cuts in - all on the same frame as the image changes. Use L & J cuts and smoothe the audio transitions unless you want a deliberate, startling jump.

    I'd have liked to hear some ambient behind the music in the early shots - particularly where we see water lapping around boats etc,

    On the other hand, if the video sound includes music (eg the band towards the end) fade out the backing music entirely - it is never a good idea to have two different tunes playing at once.

    Whilst I'm sure the shots as you walk with the camera (I don't mean the feet, that's OK if not over-used) are intended to give the viewer the idea he is walking with you, but in practice thus just results in a lot of shots of the backs of people's heads. Never a good thing Get ahead of the crowd and turn the camera around to show people walking towards you, maybe pan to follow one or two people as they pass.

    These are just suggestions. You may agree or disagree with each.That doesn't matter - what matters is that you consider them. When you choose to do something it is the result of a creative, artistic, or even pragmatic decision rather than the result of you not having given it any thought.

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