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Thread: How do i create something just a bit similiar to this kind of effect

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    Question How do i create something just a bit similiar to this kind of effect

    Hi, i'm an editor using Avid Media Composer and i just want to make somekind of a nice effect in my video which will be just a bit similar effect to this one... some kind of multiple holograms of a figure that i have on my video. (from 2:09 to 2:25)

    Obviously i cant' create something complicated and amazing as this, but let me know if there's a way to make something simple and impressive on my own somehow... something much more simple and unprofessional, in Avid or other simple program that will be edited later in Avid?

    Perhaps some Picture in Picture Effect with a few videos of the woman in different spots on screens?

    Thank you.
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