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Thread: Adding Visualization to Audio to Create Demo DVDs

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    Default Adding Visualization to Audio to Create Demo DVDs

    This is likely a simple question to answer for almost anyone here but I have little to no experience in dealing with video. I'm a DJ and as part of my promotional material I'd like to put together some demo DVDs. I basically want to take the visualization output from say Window Media Player and put it to my mixes so people can play my mixes on their home theatre and have the visualization on their TV. Can anyone tell me any programs that'll do this and where I should start? Sorry if this is a simple question, all my knowledge is in audio, not visual

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.

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    That's not a very easy task, since the video card makers don't seem to provide a good way to read the screen display back into the PC fast enough. Usually I end up with jerking or slow video of a few frames per second. :(

    A good tool to use that may work for you is CamStudio, and it's free. This allows you to set a region on the screen it will 'grab' pictures from and then put them into a standard AVI video file, hopefully fast enough for good video (a fast PC and smaller capture area make faster frame rates). This file you can then edit in the video editor of your pick. Still a lot of work and however long your video is, it will take at least three times that to get to the final version and then you get the joy of authoring the DVD to put it on. Typically it will take more. A lot more.

    I think the most fool-proof way is to use a video card in the PC that also has a TV output. That way the screen can be recorded on a standard tape or DVD recorder. This makes for an extra step or two for any editing you might want to do., though. Not much way around that.
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    I've done this recently and it turned out surprisingly really well. I will see if I can locate the file.

    I just set the camera up on a tripod. Opened Notepad a type a couple of characters in it. Focused on the characters and adjusted the white balance. Then I had winamp windowed and zoomed in so it filled the viewfinder (full screen was just a tad jumpy occasionally). Then recorded it. I was really astonished at how well it turned out lol

    [Edit] Here it is

    The uncompressed video is crystal clear and pinpoint sharp (which wasn't what I was quite expecting). Here's it not of course due to compression.

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    1stly - If u were to do this try i-tunes - the visualizations are far better.

    2nd - There is probably a huge legal implication in using it. Copyright issues and that. Check that out as u woundn't want the microsoft/apple corporations legal team comming down on you - you will loose.

    3rd it's questionable wether or not u would have much of a market for this. You are basically creating your own MTV but with poor video footage.
    I know and appreciate the idea but dunno if others would. I put myself in the consumers head and think about it and it dont make me wanna run out and buy a dvd like this.

    4th it sounds like it willl be a dvd of new tunes with old early 90's music vids.

    Sorry to be blunt but I'd rather say my peice and make sure u have thought all this out first as it is alot of work to produce a dvd. - You wouldn't wanna do all the work only to find you aint happy with the end result.

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