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Thread: What does "Burn in right and left" mean

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    Default What does "Burn in right and left" mean

    Hey guys,

    I've been editing for about five years. Mostly working on corporates and shorts but also some music videos and later this year, my first feature. I'm also Data Wrangling as it's a small production and it should help me during the edit.

    I was on a short set a week back and spoke with an editor who has worked on lots of features.

    So I asked for a few tips that'll help with the DWing and editing and he kept saying, "Burn in right and burn in left to double check your footage". I had no idea what he meant but by the third time he said it, I didn't really feel comfortable asking for the meaning.

    I have his email so I'll drop him a message to ask if I can't find out soon but I'm hoping one of you guys will (hopefully!!) be able to help.

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    It used to be the case in offline editing that you would "burn in" the timecode so when it came to the online edit you could double check that the timecodes matched up. Apart from features and transfers from film stock, since most edits nowadays are direct edits I can't see any advantage in doing this. However if you're data wrangling then he probably wants TC and metadata available on his offline edit.

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    Ah thank you! That makes sense. I'll pop the TC on the footage, just in case

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    Quote Originally Posted by GettingNLEven View Post
    Data Wrangling
    I didn't know what that means, either:

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    It still has connotations in adult film - particularly gay porn videos - but I didn't catch whether this is what you are filming

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