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    Hello, this is my first project I have managed to finish to a state I am not embarrassed of. I am not satisfied with the ending and will probably change it later. Just looking for honest opinions. Not asking for subs or likes. Full details here :

    Please watch if you have time. Contains spoilers for Max Payne 3 and video game violence. I realized after I had already progressed to a point where I could not go back that I had edited some of the clips through WMM then saved them, downgrading the image, then when they were run through again they suffered even more. So sorry about the pixelation.

    (a) Contravenes rules of the forum (Video posted in more than one section)
    (b) Contravenes rules of this section (original footage only - no video games)
    However, the "other" post remains and people can view and comment there.
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